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“I have always documented my travels to share my experiences and the attractions and vicissitudes of each route. Initially these journals were directed at a small group of friends and followers but, after my mom passed away in 2012, I began to log my travels in letter form to her. I know that she would be happy to receive my letters. And me that her could read them, because she was another travel and human lover. Besides, as a mother, she was always interested in everything that happened to her son. And, of course, in how I felt. And in how I breathed.

These letters are often a combination of very personal feelings as well as the practicalities of traveling in each location.  These writings are therapeutic for me while being useful for travelers seeking out potential destinations.  However, some of these journals are purely personal documentations that may or may not be enjoyable to read, but will not provide any useful tips for travel destinations.  I document my journey through life; both literal and figurative journeys.

So I do not want to waste your time, and I prefer to warn you about what this section is really about, in which I sometimes narrate trips, like the birth of my daughters, in whose description there is no practical information that can help you in your trip to any destination, other than the one of the heart. The one of the journey of life. Just as I experienced it.”

150 150 Asier Reino

FECHA: 1 enero 2004
DESCRIPCIÓN: Esta carta la escribo el primer día del año, ya en un momento…

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150 150 Asier Reino

FECHA: 4 julio 2003
DESCRIPCIÓN: Esta carta la escribo desde Bilbao, trabajando ya en la ONG PTM-mundubat…

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